Dinosaur webs?

When we think of what is possible…

we tend to be limited —
by our knowledge
by our perspective
by our experiences
by our curiosity
and by our imagination.

So why ponder dinosaur webs?  It was something I saw in a web comic…

Dinosaur Webs?
xkcd: Spider Paleontology (CC BY-NC 2.5)

As far as I know, no one has found any dinosaur webs — yet.  But take a look at the fang-like claws on the Linhenykus, or the original reconstructive theories of the Jeholopterus or Helicoprion  and you’ve got to wonder… Couldn’t dinosaur webs be next?

Given all of our limitations in “seeing” what is possible, could we still be misidentifying and misunderstanding the best and wonderfully weirdest that exists in ourselves and the world around us?

So ponder the possibilities…

Is there some wonderfully weird things you think might be possible? (Whether it existed in the past or is something that could evolve or be created in the future?)


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