When we think of fresh fruits and vegetables, we immediately think “healthy.”  And not about actually feeling better. We think more about all the work — storing, cleaning, chopping, slicing, cooking that it takes to prepare them, and less about the wonderful taste and texture that comes with them.

And somehow, we rarely associate fresh produce with fun.

So it’s no wonder very few of us are actually eating the recommended minimum of 5 servings to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.   Even then, more likely than not, we will go for the perceived convenience of processed options over the fresh version of our favorites.  After all, manufacturers spend a lot of money to show us how good eating their products could be.  And, well, plants and trees don’t do advertising.

But what if they did?  What if there was a fresh produce mascot?

What if plants and trees got together and decided — “Hey, we need someone or something out there bringing attention to what we produce.   We provide a vital but under represented part of the human diet.  We need to show humans the vast array of fresh fruits and vegetables we can offer and how much fun they could have eating a well-balanced diet.”

Maybe a low-key Carmen Miranda type …

Okay maybe he still needs a little work on the balancing part…  But don’t you think he could convince kids and adults to eat more fresh produce?

Just a fresh produce reminder from LA Times:

"Eating at least seven servings was linked to a 42% lower risk of death from all causes, 25% lower from cancer and 31% lower from heart disease or stroke…"

Kind of makes you think a little more seriously about a fresh produce mascot, doesn’t it?