The older I get, the more I realized how much the support of others helped me achieve more and better than I could ever do on my own. I’m especially thankful for the generations that came before me and I try to carry on the tradition of giving a leg up to the next generation. And so, a little poem on “generational support.”

by  Linda Anselmi

My role, I am sold,
As one growing ever more old,
No longer lies with an eye
to the road flying by.

generational support
Photo Credit: @TheEllenShow

But to give my support,
When youth’s legs are too short,
For a view that is more
than just sky.

With my own whited nose,
Far below the air’s glorious flow,
I manage to keep myself
amply entertained.

By recalling with great pride,
On many earlier a ride,
The wonderous scents
I so joyfully identified.

And while the youth’s needed heights,
Lost me my own favorite sights,
I would find no pleasure here
without him.

So don’t worry about me,
I’m just a grumpy old he,
Wishing the youth on my back
ever more trim.


5 thoughts on “For the Joy of Animals: Generational Support”

  1. This is a wonderful poem and equally great picture. That day at the beach must have been inspiring. This picture and poem make getting older a little easier.

    1. Thank you D’elen.

      There is something about watching the waves pound the sand that frees the mind. As to getting older, nothing makes it easier. But I do think it makes us more creative. The picture is wonderful and it is so reflective of mentoring which I think is so important.

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