A Disgruntled Snowman’s Snow Fight


We may be disgruntled by the snow, but it is here to stay -- at least for a couple of months.  So we might as well find humor about it where we can.  I've long been a fan and follower of the folks over at Animation Chefs.  Their goal is to: "lead kids into a thinking, making, sharing pattern that will change their relationship with … [Read more...]

Who Doesn’t Love The Fair?


I don’t.  There.  I said it.  I don’t like the state fair. When the family packed up to make our annual trek, I tried hiding under the couch but someone spotted me.  I tried to beg off for financial reasons.  Think of ALL the money we’d save if I didn’t go.  Sadly, it was Teacher Day, and I qualified for free admission.  It cost exactly the same … [Read more...]

The Art of The Virtual “Smudgy Hug”

Smudgy Hug

Humans are social beings.  We crave human-to-human contact.  Even as machines and technology take over more and more aspects of our lives, we try our best to humanize them. Think of our phones.  We give them names, voices and mannerisms.  We dress them.  We play with them.  We share our lives with them.  Why?  Because, even though they are … [Read more...]

How to Raise Gun-Free Boys


When my husband and I first started talking about having children almost two decades ago, one of our concerns was the pervasive violence in our culture. Seeing boys barely old enough to write their names pretending to blow one another up was troubling, and we decided our kids were going to be different. We didn’t buy in to gender stereotypes. Kids … [Read more...]

Pondering The Possibilities: Digital Toilet Paper?

emma screen shot

Like it or not.  Embrace it or not. The digital age has brought a lot of changes to our world. But there has to be a limit. Right? Still ... Can we really rule out the possibility of digital "toilet paper"? After all, there was a time when we used leaves, rocks, and even sticks. And isn't it about time for some innovation -- the electric … [Read more...]

For The Joy Of Animals: Cow Boredom?

curious cows

I have a special fondness for cows.  My grandparents were dairy farmers, so as a child I had ample opportunity to watch cows' inaction.  And no, that is not a typo.  Once you get beyond the constant chewing and tail switching along with their incredibly large and friendly looking (think oversized dog) tongue that likes to snake out and wrap around … [Read more...]

More Wild West Show Than Presidential Horse Race


The MSM likes to depict any election as a horse race, but the more I watch the 2012 presidential nomination process and particularly the debates, the more it feels like I'm watching the waning days of a Wild West Show. See what you think... Posters have been up all over town for weeks, but budgets are tight.  Audience members had to forego a few … [Read more...]

Rudolph Brought Down By A Lack Of Vision


Rudolph floated forward.  Big, beautiful, and buoyant, his red nose a beacon leading the way as part of the local Christmas parade. Still, he needed helping hands to anchor him and navigate a path along the city street. Sure he was a bit awkward to deal with, but with a little foresight and planning, Rudolph would have been the star of that … [Read more...]

No Longer Passively Accepting


I love George Carlin. He is a hero from my youth. Revered from the first time I heard “The Seven Words”. And I still mourn his passing in 2008. So I was a bit surprised by my reaction to viewing Carlin’s excellent riff on “Who Really Controls America.” Oh, I still marveled at the painful truths he revealed to his audience. I was still awed by his … [Read more...]

Enjoying Will Rogers


I have always been a huge Will Rogers fan.  So when I spotted THE WIT AND WISDOM OF WILL ROGERS at a used book fundraiser for our local Humane Society last summer, I snatched it up, took it home and added it to my collection of must read books. And there old Will sat, forgotten, amid dust bunnies, dog fur fluffies, and 30-50 other must reads on my … [Read more...]