~ The Sweet Smell of Prosecution

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Spring is in the air and the wafts of prosecutions that are coming from the Justice Department and the office of Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) couldn't smell any sweeter.  From the Washington Post: The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into possible securities fraud in mortgage … [Read more...]

~ 11 Minutes – Chump Change for Haiti

One of our finest American ideals is our Generosity of Spirit. Our sense of wanting and encouraging others to do well along with our willingness to extend the helping hand of time, talent or treasure to those in true need. This Generosity of Spirit is a measure of our commitment to each other as a community, a nation and a larger global society … [Read more...]

No Longer Passively Accepting


I love George Carlin. He is a hero from my youth. Revered from the first time I heard “The Seven Words”. And I still mourn his passing in 2008. So I was a bit surprised by my reaction to viewing Carlin’s excellent riff on “Who Really Controls America.” Oh, I still marveled at the painful truths he revealed to his audience. I was still awed by his … [Read more...]

Will “Cap-and-Trade” be the Next Bubble?

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Okay. I’ll confess. I’ve always considered myself something of an environmentalist. I don’t remember ever hugging a tree, but I hiked and backpacked in my youth. I’ve recycled since the early 80’s. I shunned the use of chemicals and railed against deforestation, over-packaging, and junk mail. I joined Sierra club, World Wildlife and Nature … [Read more...]

What We Are Feeding With Our Tax Dollars — Greed!


If we are what we eat, and you get what you paid for. It should come as no surprise that with the TRILLIONS of dollars our government (aka our tax dollars) continues to fed  to Wall Street, all we are getting is more greed! Seriously, why did we want our tax dollars to concentrate financial power? Two Giants Emerge From Wall Street Ruins: On … [Read more...]