At the Heart of A Republic is Not Democracy…


At the heart of a Republic is the protection of individual rights and liberties from both the omnipotence of a majority and the despotism of an elite through a limited, representative government and the rule of law as established by the consent of the governed. Our republic doesn’t just need equal branches of government, it needs the full weight … [Read more...]

Bring in the Criminologists

William Black on Bill Moyers Journal

In May of 2009, Simon Johnson wrote in The Quiet Coup: If the IMF’s staff could speak freely about the U.S., it would tell us what it tells all countries in this situation: recovery will fail unless we break the financial oligarchy that is blocking essential reform. And if we are to prevent a true depression, we’re running out of time. We are now … [Read more...]

Facing Down the Wall Street Oligarchs (part 2)


And so the story of The Wall Street Oligarchs (part 1) and the Main Street Taxpayers, resumes with Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund continuing his tale of  The Quiet Coup: Every crisis is different, of course. … But I must tell you, to IMF officials, all of these crises looked depressingly similar. Each … [Read more...]

Kaptur and Johnson Detail Wash & Wall Dysfunction


US Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) and Former International Monetary Fund chief economist Simon Johnson discussed the state of the economy on Bill Moyer’s Journal and it is must see video. Even though this is something I read and write about regularly, it is shocking to hear just how dysfunctional Washington and how blatant Wall Street has become. The … [Read more...]