Bad Luck Cadet #19 – Pepper Spray Me, Shoot You

Cover - Bad Luck Cadet

Pepper Spray Me, Shoot You is the nineteenth installment in my Bad Luck Cadet Series that follows my adventures at the police academy after my mid-life crisis. It’s all about fun, laughter and PAIN!  If you are new to the series, you can follow it from the beginning on this blog starting with  Bad Luck Cadet #1 – Accidents Happen  or buy it as … [Read more...]

Bad Luck Cadet #17: The Police Perspective

Cover - Bad Luck Cadet

The Police Perspective is the seventeenth installment in my Bad Luck Cadet Series. The academy was changing me, physically, as well as mentally. Physically, I didn’t just have arm bicep muscles. I had muscles in my forearms, thighs and butt. No jello cheeks for that polygraph seat now. Mentally, I was now seeing things from the “police … [Read more...]

Bad Luck Cadet #3: I Think I’m Crazy and a Liar

Grit, creative doers

This is the 3rd installment in my Bad Luck Cadet Series.   I was scheduled for my psychological examination in Phoenix on Thursday morning and the polygraph test on Friday. It’s a bit of a drive so I decided to stay Wednesday night in the city. I loved visiting the city and the biggest reason was Starbucks coffee. Venti hot mocha, non-fat, with … [Read more...]

Bad Luck Cadet #2: Jumping Hurdles

Bad Luck Cadet by Suzie Ivy

This is the 2nd installment in my Bad Luck Cadet Series.  The week dragged by as I waited for the next stage in my police academy entrance tests. My husband could do nothing right.  My kids were driving me nuts, my son most of all. He actually told me I was an embarrassment to our family. My palm itched, but I knew if I slapped him he … [Read more...]