Mr. President, Who Is Terrorizing Whom?


With all due respect Mr. President, your recent remarks in Lisbon seem woefully inadequate at defining the problems or expressing the emotions of the American traveling public regarding the TSA's Enhanced Pat-Down (EPD) and Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT)  procedures. "One of the most frustrating aspects of this fight against terrorism is that … [Read more...]

Presidential Quotes

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, sculpture by Gutzon Borglum, (from left to right) George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. (via Wikipedia)

A few of my favorite presidential quotes in honor of President's day: "On this view of the import of the term republic, instead of saying, as has been said, "that it may mean anything or nothing," we may say with truth and meaning, that governments are more or less republican as they have more or less of the element of popular election and … [Read more...]