Music: JUST LIKE YOU WERE by Emma Worthington

Just Like You Were by Emma Worthington

I came across the song JUST LIKE YOU WERE by Emma Worthington on my twitter feed a few months back and was immediately captivated. The melody is lovely. Emma's voice is sweet and clear. Her words, ones she wrote, quickly became etched in my mind. Is there such a thing as a lullaby for adults?  If so, this song would be one. "that day was quiet … [Read more...]

Let’s Celebrate A Howe Mother’s Day Too

Julia Ward Howe, from History of Woman Suffrage vol2pg793 (public domain, via )

Back in 1870, Julia Ward Howe envisioned another kind of Mother's Day.  Although a mother herself, she wasn't looking for a day of remembrance and celebration as was championed many decades later by Anna Jarvis and made an official national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.  Howe's vision of Mother's Day was about as far from our … [Read more...]

What Purpose Do Fraternities Serve?

Dare We Say - Finlay and Vercher

DARE WE SAY hosts Shawna Vercher and  Anita Finlay look at the role and cost of fraternities in the wake of the latest outrage and ask -- What purpose do fraternities serve?  Is it time to put an end to them? The boast is that 18 out of 44 presidents have been members of a fraternity.  But what fraternities seem to produce now is a never-ending … [Read more...]

Words: “Forgiveness Is An Act Of Creation…”

Women who run with the wolves

“Forgiveness is an act of creation. You can choose from many ways to do it. You can forgive for now, forgive till then, forgive till the next time, forgive but give no more chances it’s a whole new game if there is another incident. You can give one more chance, give several more chances, give many chances, give chances only if. You can … [Read more...]

Even The FDA Doesn’t Know What’s In Our Food

FDA doesn't know what is in our food

Eating and drinking is about as basic to our survival as it gets. While we might debate whether various manufactured foods are the healthiest choices we can make in a day, we assume the FDA has approved their ingredients before we eat them.  We assume all the ingredients meet the standard of a “reasonable certainty” that no harm will come to us … [Read more...]

Dear Righteously Indignant (a.k.a. ME)

Righteously Indignant 2

Last night I started to fall into the trap.  I know the writer, but not well.  While I can't imagine he/she was pointing directly at me, it felt as if an all encompassing accusing finger was being raised in my direction.  I could feel a giant target being drawn on my chest. Contradictory knowledge be damned! My first reaction was to enlighten the … [Read more...]

Beating Back the Drive-By Media In Politics

Jerry Doyle and Anita Finlay

As nature abhors a vacuum, so the drive-by media is hungry to control and define any public figure whose impact might supersede their own. How do we beat them? Whether we believe that Hillary Clinton’s “email-gate” is empty click-bait or something substantive, the amount of feverish news coverage generated in advance of securing the … [Read more...]

Words: Steve Jobs “Bicycle For Our Minds…”

bicycle & brain

The common everyday bicycle is one of the most underrated inventions. In the US, we mostly consider it as a toy for kids. But the invention and wide use of bicycles, a simple tool of transportation, became a major force of innovation and change throughout the world.  It lead to mass efficiencies in many industries, gave mobility and … [Read more...]

Grammys: Another Institution Failure On Domestic Violence

Mixed Domestic Violence message

Sunday’s Grammy Awards became the latest institution failure on domestic violence. It featured a PSA by President Obama calling attention to the shocking number of women in America who are raped or suffer domestic violence.  “It’s on us,” he said, urging the artistic community to raise awareness to bring a stop to it.  Activist Brooke Axtell then … [Read more...]

How Long Do You Give a Leader To Succeed?

Jerry Doyle and Anita Finlay

How long do you give a leader to succeed when it comes to national, state or local government?  Is four years in office enough? California's tax rates are high.  When Governor Brown re-took office in the midst of a fiscal crisis in 2010, we were asked to bear "temporary" higher taxes on the promise that he would balance the budget.  How much of a … [Read more...]